History of craps: one the oldest casino games

There are several casino games played by people across the globe. But the one that is being played for long time spanning several countries and centuries is the game of ‘Crap’.

Increasing popularity in the U.S.

The French, in 1755, had surrendered to the English Acadia’s sovereignty. On taking it, it was renamed to Nova Scotia. The Cajuns (local French nationals) had dispersed, travelling south to Louisiana. During this time, they had managed to spread this game wherever they went. This game back then was referred to as ‘Crebs’.

Later, it got renamed as Craps and is quite popularly played by gamblers the world over. Some are of the belief that this game could perhaps be a misspelling of the term Crabs or Crebs. Others consider it to be a play on a French word, named ‘crapaud’ meaning toad. It is because players had to sit in wide legged, crouching position while playing on the street.

Modern Craps & its originator

Almost all American casinos can be found to offer this game to interested gamblers. However, the rules followed are somewhat of different interpretations. This promoted a few casinos to make use of rigged dice, the purpose of which is to help the house to secure an edge.

These consistent, extended rules were favored by casinos as it assured house edge simply by establishing payments. Hence, the need to manipulate dice got eliminated, thereby, dispelling the game’s shady, bad image.

The 20th century only saw the further increase in popularity of the game.  During the Second World War, American soldiers took to craps as a pastime. It only helped enhance its reach not only across the U.S., but also the globally. Besides the working class, people from different sections of the society also started to enjoy it. Casinos during the 1960s in Las Vegas as well as the Caribbean benefited from it. They managed to increase the craps tables’ numbers available. Soon others in Asia, Australia and Central Europe practiced it.

Canterbury Tales & Hazard

The Romans were known to have introduced this game. Pig knuckles were shaved by Roman soldiers into cube forms. This was to imitate dice to play games which required them to throw them in reversed shields.

Another notion is that Craps had emerged from Hazard, a dice game that had been discovered in England. Sir William of Tyre is credited with having invented the game of Hazard. His knights used to pass their free time during the Crusades while laying siege to Hazarth, a stronghold.

Quite similar to Craps, players in Hazard had to take turns as caster. They were responsible to toss two dice and placing bets on those they felt are likely to win that round. If the caster had rolled any specific number and avoiding successfully rolling others helped determine Hazard rounds.

Modern Craps

The game has only gained more interest with the advent of modern technology and the introduction of smartphones and high speed net. This game help create camaraderie feeling that is quite energizing. Here, players in groups can ‘team up’ against the house while urging shooters to throw accurate rolls to win the round.

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