What to wait from European gaming regulation in the nearest future?

The advent of modern, sophisticated technology in the 21st century has completely revolutionized the entertainment industry. It can be said that how people play games and stay entertained has completely changed. Europe has been trying to take the imitative to introduce some significant regulations to be followed by the gambling indulged here. The newly introduced gambling regulation has only allowed the intended audience to enjoy their game much more. The current European gaming regulations have been upgrading laws and making it more accurate to follow. Hence, if you are interested to stay updated on the happening in the gambling sector, you are to know the latest gaming trends.

Safeguarding customers

Scams are fast becoming common in the gambling industry. Hence, enhancing player protection has become all the more important. Gambling regulator is perhaps the first thing to know about when customer safety is concerned. How gambling industry functions in European country is another aspect to know about. They are independent when regulation is concerned. To protect gamblers’ interest and to promote responsible environment, every country seems to have introduced its own gambling legislation. EGBA (European Gaming & Betting Association) has been created to help regulate and license European gambling industry. The objective here is to provide customers with adequate safety and gambling satisfaction.

More fines & taxes

Secure and fair gambling is practiced in Europe. This sphere is considered fully regulated and completely legal. The players are allowed to freely withdraw their winnings. Also has been launched tax-related regulations requiring operators to shelve more taxes. Hence, to reduce tax fees, operators are opting for crypto transactions. Gamblers in some nations such as Italy or the U.K are not imposed with any gambling tax. However, other countries like France have imposed tax on players.

New regulations concerning fines have been imposed to secure players. Gambling companies failing to safeguard their customers’ interests are likely to face heavy fines that have increased with time.

Responsible gambling politics

The objective here is to prevent underage online gambling and addiction. There are launched several free independent associations and organizations to assist gambling addicts. A few organizations are found to provide effective schemes with the purpose to diminish harms resulting from gambling. GamStop, a popular program introduced in the U.K. is mandatory for all licensed gambling & gaming operators. Self-exclusion scheme is meant for those gamblers who desire to do away with licensed betting sites.

Ad ban

Gambling problems only seem to get enhanced with aggressive gambling ads. Vulnerable people and minors are lured by such ads. Partial or complete ban on gambling brand advertisement has been imposed by few countries. Italy has managed to prohibit gaming ads from 1st January 2019. A new rule has been introduced by AGCOM, where advertisers are to comply with the issued guidance.

Pressure upon offshore operators

Regulatory authorities have imposed new regulations requiring offshore operators to follow substantial changes. A few are considered to be victims of pressures such as higher gambling taxes, stringent laws and financial blocking. Offshore companies having operations in Europe are now faced with stiff pressure, which is fast becoming a common trend.

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