Some Facts About Online Pokies in Australia

Pokie is a term that is exclusive to Australia alone. No wonder Aussies even have a distinctive pet name for the video poker slots and machines, considering that they consume this kind of gambling more than any other country.

Pokies was a name that was originally used widely for poker machines that were widespread across Australia. Aristocrat and other companies in the industry introduced a wide variety of slot machines over the years that are now sharing the same nickname.

Compared to other poker players across the world, Australian players are known to lead in playing more pokies. In fact, gambling machines can be legally installed even outside of the country’s gambling facilities.

Only 0.3 percent of the world’s population is housed in Australia. So, it an interesting fact that 18 percent of all pokies are Aussies.

Australia is currently battling a severe addiction to pokies. About 8 percent of Australians in 2015 suffered from pokies addiction. This is a very troubling number in every aspect.

The huge number and ready availability of gambling machines is what might be causing pokies addiction in this part of the world. It is unlikely that addiction is caused by the existence of these machines.

Yes, online and land-based pokies are, no doubt, a popular pastime in many parts of the world. However, they are usually considered a plague on society in Australia.

We want to take you through what pokies are and how their work, as well as the reasons behind Australia’s addiction to them.

Pokies Meaning

The term pokies, as we have already mentioned, is nickname for poker machines. These are the simplest form of betting machines available. They quickly became favored and preferred by the Aussie gamblers.

The Aristocrat Leisure is the Australian slots manufacturer that introduced the first pokies. Founded in 1953, Aristocrat Leisure is still the largest supplier of pokies to gambling facilities across the entire Australia.

Today, there are about 200,000 gambling machines across Australia. Even though only a small portion of these machines are actual poker machines, the local players still call them all pokies.

What Are Pokies

The term pokies is widely used in modern-day clubs and pubs across Australia to refer to the various video gambling or slot machines installed there. These facilities are home to all sorts of gambling machines, ranging from the complex modern video slots to the actual poker machines.

The slots available today in Aussie casinos are simple three-reel classic slots with just a single payline, poker games, and modern slots with several playlines.

The Australian gambling market is dominated by these slot machines, which make up for the country’s biggest part of gambling industry. Australian players loose about $14 billion every year to these machines. So it’s important to look for the best paying online pokies Australia when approaching the game.

While pokies beat each individual Australian for a yearly average of $1,000, they are very popular across the country, particularly in New South Wales.

Even though these machines offer through a variety of sounds, animations, and graphics designed to entice the players, the popularity of pokies is due to the entertainment value that they offer. Aristocrat Leisure and other manufacturers were taken to court many times over these tactics, but they continue with all the practices that worsen the Australian pokies addiction.

Casinos Requiring No Registry: Are They Safe?

Many people like playing games online. Some do it for fun, some do it for money, yet others do it for both. However, many players are dissatisfied with the time-consuming registration process. Furthermore, gamblers have begun to question how private and secure their personal information is, as well as how strict gambling companies’ privacy regulations are. As a result, many online gamers avoid web-based casinos that ask for too much personal and financial information throughout the registration and verification procedure.

Players are forced to compromise their privacy due to these measures, which are normally regarded as important for improving online security. As the online casino industry expands, new ways to attract customers emerge. The no account casino is one of the newest options.

A casino that does not require registration is a provider of online gambling games that does not require registration to use the service and play the different casino games. Most of the time, such a casino is characterized by its simplicity of use.

How Do Real Money Casinos Work Without an Account?

Many people are first confused by the concept of real money casinos that do not require registration. After all, there are a lot of questions here. How can credit be given to someone who does not have an account? What are the options for cashing out your winnings? How can winnings be traced back to someone who doesn’t have an account? The short answer is that you aren’t completely anonymous. You are virtually verified by a payment provider. As a result, you can start playing right away without having to register.

Casinos without registration need a payment mechanism that is different from the standard options. It has to be possible to make a payment without revealing personal information. Of course, for legal reasons connected to data protection and security, this was never easy.

However, today’s online payment providers have strengthened data security controls, making no account casinos possible. Direct deposit without the need to register with the casino – you can deposit and start playing right away.

Are No-Registration Casinos Safe?

Whether or whether an online casino is reliable is determined by a number of factors. On the one hand, you should ensure that the casino in question has a legitimate license.

This assures that the online casino is allowed to provide its selection of games of chance online and that the offer is subject to and adheres to the strict restrictions in their jurisdiction. In the case of doubt, this is the only way to presume that things are running properly at an online casino.

Another important consideration is the payment method available. You should only deposit at an online casino that does not require registration if the available payment method is safe and reliable. There are no issues with deposits and withdrawals, as well as player identity.

You could also consider several testimonials before choosing a real money casino without registration. You can avoid unpleasant surprises by using the information collected from online tests and user experiences.

Reports on how the casino handles difficulties and how helpful the casino’s customer service is should be given special attention. So, you’ll have a better sense of what to expect if issues emerge.

What to wait from European gaming regulation in the nearest future?

The advent of modern, sophisticated technology in the 21st century has completely revolutionized the entertainment industry. It can be said that how people play games and stay entertained has completely changed. Europe has been trying to take the imitative to introduce some significant regulations to be followed by the gambling indulged here. The newly introduced gambling regulation has only allowed the intended audience to enjoy their game much more. The current European gaming regulations have been upgrading laws and making it more accurate to follow. Hence, if you are interested to stay updated on the happening in the gambling sector, you are to know the latest gaming trends.

Safeguarding customers

Scams are fast becoming common in the gambling industry. Hence, enhancing player protection has become all the more important. Gambling regulator is perhaps the first thing to know about when customer safety is concerned. How gambling industry functions in European country is another aspect to know about. They are independent when regulation is concerned. To protect gamblers’ interest and to promote responsible environment, every country seems to have introduced its own gambling legislation. EGBA (European Gaming & Betting Association) has been created to help regulate and license European gambling industry. The objective here is to provide customers with adequate safety and gambling satisfaction.

More fines & taxes

Secure and fair gambling is practiced in Europe. This sphere is considered fully regulated and completely legal. The players are allowed to freely withdraw their winnings. Also has been launched tax-related regulations requiring operators to shelve more taxes. Hence, to reduce tax fees, operators are opting for crypto transactions. Gamblers in some nations such as Italy or the U.K are not imposed with any gambling tax. However, other countries like France have imposed tax on players.

New regulations concerning fines have been imposed to secure players. Gambling companies failing to safeguard their customers’ interests are likely to face heavy fines that have increased with time.

Responsible gambling politics

The objective here is to prevent underage online gambling and addiction. There are launched several free independent associations and organizations to assist gambling addicts. A few organizations are found to provide effective schemes with the purpose to diminish harms resulting from gambling. GamStop, a popular program introduced in the U.K. is mandatory for all licensed gambling & gaming operators. Self-exclusion scheme is meant for those gamblers who desire to do away with licensed betting sites.

Ad ban

Gambling problems only seem to get enhanced with aggressive gambling ads. Vulnerable people and minors are lured by such ads. Partial or complete ban on gambling brand advertisement has been imposed by few countries. Italy has managed to prohibit gaming ads from 1st January 2019. A new rule has been introduced by AGCOM, where advertisers are to comply with the issued guidance.

Pressure upon offshore operators

Regulatory authorities have imposed new regulations requiring offshore operators to follow substantial changes. A few are considered to be victims of pressures such as higher gambling taxes, stringent laws and financial blocking. Offshore companies having operations in Europe are now faced with stiff pressure, which is fast becoming a common trend.

Are Cryptocurrencies transforming Online Gambling forever?

Online players prefer to use cryptocurrencies over traditional forms of currency, mainly due to the anonymity it offers to players. Slots Galore are played with crypto frequently. Gambling activities are still illegal in various parts of the world, but digital casinos created loopholes along most lines of legality. 

The use of cryptocurrencies allows players to participate in various forms of online gambling, ranging from live dealer table games to slot machines. At first, online casino operators were hesitant to jump on the financial platform offered by blockchain ledgers. Positive progress continues as online casinos take advantage of the potential of recently expanded technology.

Waiting for the world to change:

Despite the popularity of digital currencies and online gambling soaring to new heights, many regions still outlaw all forms of gambling. Global locations that ban traditional casinos or track online gambling transactions feel that digital currencies attack government, control, and legal decisions.

Cryptocurrencies have caused quite a stir in countries looking to restrict all gambling outlets. With 100% privacy and confidentiality, digital finance protects active players living in areas that prohibit gambling tracks. 

Defending the security and identity of online players attracts players significantly, but blockchain advancements combined with new digital currencies have thrown lawmakers into a confusing frenzy. 

Common ways cryptocurrencies turned online casinos:

The limitations placed on traditional gambling in land-based casinos have restricted the expansion of the casino industry. The decline in traditional gaming operations paved the way for virtual casinos to move into the spotlight. 

The accessibility of online casinos, combined with the anonymity of cryptocurrency and the security of blockchain, created a recipe that has become a force to be reckoned with for the industry. 

The use of cryptocurrencies to gamble online has become safer, more efficient, and easier to use for all types of players. The advancement of virtual reality and machine learning technology enhances the user’s online gaming experience by making it realistic with guaranteed fair play.

Crypto casinos specifically target players located in areas where gambling is still punishable by law. Cryptocurrency casinos work in a similar way to typical online casinos, except that cryptocurrency casinos exclusively accept digital currencies such as Bitcoin. 

The complete switch to digital money won’t happen overnight, but it’s not too difficult to see that evolution is currently in motion. Changing consumer habits and gaming activity influenced the sudden growth of digital currencies used in online casinos.

Harnessing the power of the internet to improve Online Gambling:

In addition to protecting users in a secure digital bubble, gambling in crypto casinos does not involve conversion inconsistencies or additional penalties. Winning big using digital currencies means that players face no significant losses after converting their winnings to their chosen currency. 

Blockchain and digital currencies have successfully harnessed the power and potential of the internet to enhance the online gaming experience for all players. While some players benefit more than others from gambling at crypto casinos, the benefits and rewards are undeniable. 

As mobile gambling applications gradually switch to using digital currencies, many table game players anticipate direct accessibility to crypto casinos as most casino applications focus solely on slots. The world of online gambling and sports betting is on fire!

Best Popular Gambling Streamers on Twitch

The most widely held online streaming platform has had an outstanding history of big names in wagering. When it comes to gambling, much of the focus used to be around such things as pack and case openings for the big names, both in FIFA and Counter-Strike in the past. However, a shift has been witnessed over the recent past, with much of the focus being around online casino games and slots, which have emerged to be the most popular. For sometimes now, there has also been an obvious uptick for real spot gambling and betting options as well since some streamers have vigorously promoted things like football betting options and horse racing sign up bonus in the past. However, these have still remained much less common. Despite the fact that there is little regulations or clear rules around the whole streaming of online gambling at the moment, it may actually be coming in fast. This is because there has been a growing pressure to make changes and streamline it. This has been escalated by the other recent changes that have been made to other categories.

There is quite a number of very good streamers in the gambling category. The following are some of the best ones:


M0E_tv was a professional Counter-Strike Player in the past. In fact, it was during his competitive gaming days, as well as from the gambling that he frequently engaged in case openings that he got a huge chunk of his audience. Of course, he still plays the shooter. However, he has now moved to primary streaming casino games now with much of his focus on slots, with almost one million followers on Twitch. This makes the undisputed biggest streamer on the pack. He can be quite loud at times and he is certainly a larger-than-life character. While some people might not like the fact that he is loud, he unquestionably does provide plenty of entertainment, especially across longer streams.

Casino Daddy

Casino Daddy is a long standing stream that is made up of a group of streamers, which make up the team. Every person has a different personality. This means that you are most likely to find at least one personality that will better suit your own viewing interests. Yes, the channel is much smaller and it has about 150,000 followers only. However, since its inception, it has been predominantly a casino streaming channel. So, the content you will be finding when you tune in will be the same and casino-related.


Roshtein is widely considered the king or father or slots streaming on Twitch. Having been around for almost seven years, Roshtein is maybe the Twitch’s longest standing casino streamer. He has about 400,000 followers on Twitch. While this is much smaller than what m0E_tv has, he definitely still leads the way, especially when it comes to what to expect a casino or slot streamer. He also has a pronounced personality for viewing, making him the top players you might want to give some time if you want to see an experienced slot player delivering some exciting content.

It is very important that everyone remain mindful of how they are spending their money on these streams. Even though some may be sponsored streams or advertisements, participants should only gamble with the money they can afford to lose. Besides, watching top streamers play with huge amount of money is not something to match or inspire, but rather just useful for good entertainment purposes.

Is it Worth Moving Online for Casinos?

Casinos are moving online. This trends has been witnessed over the recent past and it begs the question – is moving online for casinos worth it?

Apart from the fact that more casinos continue to move online, more and more online casinos also continue to pop up. Why is this so? Well, here are some of the most convincing reasons why moving casinos online is worth it?

  1. Online casinos tend to be better than offline casinos

Online casinos tend to be better than offline casinos in that the former provides players with greater connectedness and freedom. It can be played on a variety of platforms, including on the phone during lunch break and on the computer at home in the evening. This amount of flexibility is a good reason to move casinos online.

Also, in order to maintain the modern fast-paced lifestyle, multi-channel functionality is very critical.

Also, gamers find it more entertaining to play against real individuals than when they play against the computer. Gamers may play with or against their friends in online games and also socialize amongst each other without participants leaving the comfort of their homes. All these make it worthwhile to move casinos online.

  • Adventurous and action filled Shooter and MMOGs games

Many people play MMOGs (massively multiplayer online games) and shooter games. These games create a fascinating artificial environment, which is removed from reality, thereby amazing the gamers. Multiple players can play in massively multiplayer online games at the same time. This allows the gamers to enjoy the game and have fun in a shared environment. Multiple players compete or compete against each other. They also sometimes engage against each other.

World of Warcraft and League of Legends are two of the highest-rated and popular games online. The role-playing game – World of Warcraft – allows users to create avatars that they can use in completing quests and interacting with other players and characters, as well as exploring options.

 Call of Duty and Halo are two of the most widely held first-person shooter games, with realistic visuals. You can either battle against each other or join hands with other players to down other adversaries in the game. The players may be friends who have agreed to play the game together or random individuals who happen to be online when the game is played.

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare of 2019 is one of the most popular first-person shooter games that allow up to 64 persons to compete at the same time.

  • It is much better to play online bingo

Several bingo games and websites have been introduced in the recent past, and this has led to availability of a wide range of choices for bingo lovers. This has led to a tremendous increase in the number of people who play bingo. It is important to move bingo games online as it allows the operators to be able to provide additional choices to players. This leads to attraction of more players.

  • It is fun to watch people play online games

Besides participating in the games, many people also enjoy watching other players play. Nothing makes it easier for people to watch others play like having the games played online. For any game promoter who wants to attract more fans and players, moving online is the way to go. Many high-profile YouTubers and Twitch stars are forging great careers in gaming as they live-stream them for their fans to see. They make money through sponsorship deals and advertisements. Game developers can take advantage of the fact that people love to watch other play by making it possible to watch the games from anywhere and at any time. This can only be achieved by moving online for casinos.